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Best SBT Bitch in Norway 2011!
Shaolin de el Doradostaff is the top SBT bitch 2011 in Norway and also top SBT #3 out of 153 SBT total.

What a year.


The Puppies are born!
Mira gave birth to 3 girls and 2 boys this evening, 4 of them by C section. They are all doing well, and Mira is a wonderful mum, taking such good care of them all!


Akim gained his first CC/CAC today!
At a national show in Stord on the west-coast, our Akim was best male and BOS (Best opposite sex) and gained his first CC/CAC only 12 months old!



Happy Birthday Akim!

Our little "baby" boy are 1 year old today! We are looking forward to so many years ahead together with you!!
Love ya!



Happy Birthday Shaolin!

Our beloved little star Shaolin is 2 years old today, and has become a beautiful young lady.
Love you much sweetheart!


Mira will have babies next month!

Mira was confirmed pregnant by ultrasound today! Puppies are expected to be born around November 30th 2011.


Mira has been mated!

Mira has successfully been mated with Elmo this weekend and if everything goes as planned, the litter will be born around November 30th. Ultrasound will be taken around October 24th, to confirm the pregnancy.



One year in morning and loving memory!

Its one year today since our sweet loving Ari had to leave us for eternal peace :(
You are gone but not forgotten darling Ari. You are and will be in our hearts for ever and thank you again for all the loving memories and the wonderful time we got to share with you!
Miss you much!!



JULY 2011
What a fantastic day in Denmark today!

At the International Dog Show at Danish Kennel Club Shaolin gained the her 8th CAC, Cacib and became BOB (Best Of Breed)
Other than that we have had 4 wonderful day in Denmark together with wonderful friends!



JULY 2011
World Dog Show 2011 Paris

Had a great day in Paris to day also. There where quite a few more competitors today and Shaolin was placed as 4th in the Intermediate class. We are so pleased that to even be places at all in the class with the highly quality of dogs that was here.
Little Akim also won his male puppy class to day but was beaten by a girl for the BOB/BOS competition and became therefor BOS Pyppy or in other words Reserve World Winner Puppy 2011.
A fantastic day and trip to Paris!



JULY 2011
Championnat De France in Paris

We had a wonderful day in Paris today at Championnat De France Shaolin won the the Intermediate class and received the Reserve CAC and Akim won the male puppy class and became BOB Puppy.
We didn't get any placing in the Group competition but that's ok :)



MAY 2011
Mira gained her first CC/CAC!

At the national dog show in Ålesund at Sunnmøre Hundeklubb on the west coast, Mira gained her first CAC/CC and got BOS as well today!! Judge for the day was Frank Christiansen from Norway.

Akim was also best male puppy for the day and got BOB puppy. Unfortunately we forgot to show up in the Group competition! Judge for the puppies was Gunnar Jensen also from Norway. We had a great day in other words, and we are so proud of our beloved staffies!


MAY 2011
What a day!!

At the national show at the Terrier Klub in Kristiansand Shaolin gained her 6th CAC/CC, became BOB and 4 BIS as well! Mira became 3rd Best Bitch and got Res.CAC/CC and our latest addition Akim was BOB puppy, but didn't get any further among the other terrier puppies! Judge to day was Culm Hasting from Ireland.

We are so proud of our three loved once for doing so well in the show ring!!



APRIL 2011
Shaolin gained her 5th CAC/CC!

At the international dog show in Bergen today, Shaolin received her 5th CAC/CC and her first from an international show, at only 17 months of age.
She only now needs to be 2 years of age, and have one more cac/cc after that to become a Norwegian Champion! (3xCC (1 from int. dog show and one after 2 years old) = Norwegian Ch.)



2 more CAC/CC in Oslo this weekend!

Double national show in Oslo at Norwegian Schnauzer Bouvier Klubb (31 entries) on Saturday (Judge Sonia Pagani - Italy) And Norwegian Lhasa Apso Klubb on Sunday (27 entries) (Judge Martin Baskaran - Spain).
Shaolin did a great job this weekend receiving Excellent 1 and 1st best bitch with CAC/CC both days! Her 3rd and 4th CC/CAC at 15 months old! BOS from M. Baskaran and BOB from S. Pagani. Shaolin entered the BIG competition on Saturday and was among the 6 best out of 23 participants but was not placed among the top 4.



Happy Birthday Mira!

Our beloved Mira is 2 years old today!!
Time flies, our sweet red girl has turned into a lovely young lady.
Happy birthday sweetheart!!
Love you so much!



2010 Top 14th Staffordshire

Shaolin is the top 14th Stafford 2010 in Norway! 14 months old and only 5 months in the show ring.
We are very proud of our little girl, and are looking forward to this year shows!



New man in the house!

After two days of showing Shaolin at MyDog in Gothenburg, the day of getting our new boy finally arrived.
Joddricks Knight In Dawn Anesh aka Akim, from Kennel Joddricks in Sweden. The journey home took about 11 hours due to heavy snowing, and Akim was therefore full of energy when arriving since he slept almost the whole trip.
The first meeting with our two other girls went just fine! Mira is the calm educating one, and Shaolin have got a new playmate! We like to thank Laila for a nice visit and for trusting us with this wonderful little boy!

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