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Sulo & Pena [Fi] Kennel House Of Fun Staffenevaare [No]
Staff-Felucca Diezel Ky [Dk] Britisher Show Bulldogs [ UK ]  
Norwegian Kennel club Norwegian Terrier club FCI
National terrier club UK English Kennel club Design by Ewa [ U.K.]
SBT Animal pedigree database SBT Pedigree - pedigree database SBT breed group Norway
SBT Norway SBT Info Norway SBT forum Norway
SBT forum Norway Swedish sbt club SBT club UK
SBT Info Netherlands Staffords U. K.  
CZECH REPUBLIC Kennel Slade Czech    
DENMARK Amazing Staffs Fam. Stakston SBT's [ Dk] Kennel Ghalad
  Staffy Love    
ENGLAND Gallantstaff    
FINLAND Kennel Scarface    
FRANCE Des Terres d'Armor    
HUNGARY Funny- Fighters    
IRELAND Lackyle Moindearg kennel  
NETHELANDS Pride & Glory    
NORWAY Bravestaff Bullbraaten Hoddmimesholt
Love Staff Toxaris Staffords Kennel Cusag
POLAND This Is It    
RUSSIA Sonrisa Feliz    
SWEDEN Kennel Joddricks Kennel Elitestaff Tyrara's Snowflakes
SPAIN El Doradostaff D'Spain Fuego Negro Zudhell Stafford
USA Elivid Staffords [Shaolin's brother]